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Hello writing world! This will be our first blog as The Fabulous Orchids. I hate to admit it, but I don't know exactly what this blog will become. I am discovering though that sometimes you have to dive into something to learn to swim.

My name is Bridgette Devin, one of the leads singers of the band, and diving in is exactly how I learned everything I have in the last few years from The Fabulous Orchids. When I agreed to join the band, I was a new mom and figuring out all things baby-related. It felt crazy to join a band because I was unsure of a lot of things: how was I going to find a babysitter on gig-days, how was I going to learn all the material in such a short time, and what if I changed my mind, got scared, and wanted to quit?

Now today, I look back realizing that even though I dove into this band with a lot of fear and uncertainty, joining it led me to such beautiful answers and experiences: I was blessed with a wonderful babysitter for my son on gig-days, I discovered a new strategy for memorizing music quickly, and by challenging myself to commit to the band, even though I was afraid I would lose my confidence and want to quit, I was choosing to really live life rather than hide out of fear.

So now with this blog, I'm just jumping in. It's scary and I don't know what the direction is, but I have a lot of ideas and I'll share those as they form. I know I want The Fabulous Orchids to be a band that builds community and I envision this blog being a part of that.

Stay tuned and please feel welcome to join in!

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