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Occasionally national entertainers, when in town performing, need a local band to play their hits, a good band!

X Ned of Jr. Cadillac

X Jefe of El Jefe

(Story published later)

"How did this  band   start?"

Buddy Knox,

famous for this song

"Come along and be my party doll!"

Buddy needed a band-

he called us!

R.I.P. Buddy died shortly after we played with him,

on Valentines Day!

Ned wrote a song called

"Song for Buddy," 

Buddy's last band played

in a guitar circle at his memorial.

Buddy Knox and

the  Rhythm Orchids



Buddy Knox at his last concert with
Barry Kennelly
Ned Neltner,
John McMullen and Rusty Williams

Let's Keep the Band Going!

Why the name

Los Orchids?

Orchids: Because of Buddy Knox

He was the leader of "the Rhythm Orchids" and the guys were his band on his last gig, ever!

Walk in the Room - Los Orchids performing

Bo Diddley called Los Orchids to be his band at his 74th Birthday at the Showbox Seattle, WA.



Los: Because our leader NED moved to Mexico

"Who called next?"

"At the Hop!"

Danny and the Jr.s,

famous for their hit song "At The Hop,"

called Los Orchids 

for a Concert in Moses Lake

Even more called Los Orchids!

Los Orchids played everywhere and all the time!

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